Automated. Proactive. Full service. Flexible.

Welcome to the modern creative production studio.

A successful modern production studio needs to listen. Your business is unique and requires a unique solution.

At Automatic Art, we take the time to understand your brand and production needs first and foremost, so we can build a tailored studio for you with automation at its core.

There are many tools, platforms and processes available to ensure your production is optimised, so you can create limitless creative variations in hundreds of sizes at a fraction of the time and cost, with unmatchable brand consistency and uncompromised creative integrity.

In today’s time-poor, fast-paced industry, our automated internal or external studios will give you back the time and expense you spend on unnecessary approvals and repetitive work, letting you focus on other areas.

What is Automated creative production?

We understand the idea of production automation can initially seem a little inaccessible.

So let’s take a quick look at what it is:

  • A smarter way of working
    A smarter way of working

    Free yourself from the day to day and focus on the bigger picture.

    Tired of making the same feedback and signing off the same things? As our Technical Director is fond of saying - 'If it’s a repetitive process, it can be removed from your day by a smart approach and the right technology.'

  • Combines existing technologies
    Combines existing technologies

    Using tried and tested technology ensures the focus is where it should be - on the work and not the systems.

    In today's technology-driven world, keeping up to date with latest developments and utilising existing, well supported technology is crucial. It ensures we are always able to provide the best solution for your business and are not restricted by expensive development costs and maintenance.

  • Low Touch
    Low Touch

    The more touchpoints in your campaign, the more time involved and risk of miscommunication, errors and budget blowouts.

    Automation means less crowd in your campaigns. With less people required to produce the same volume of work, errors are minimised and cost is reduced.

  • Creative Driven
    Creative Driven

    Exercise greater brand control and ensure creative integrity is maintained. With our creative first approach, allow your teams to create more executions and explore more mediums without the extra cost.

Our approach



    Gather and analyse all available production data about your business. Examine media, volumes, markets, turnarounds, processes, historical results and more to form a detailed, accurate understanding of your needs and aims.



    Learn about and understand your business itself. Discover your pain points and what does and does not work for you.



    Examine how optimised your model is. Identify bottlenecks, roadblocks, repetitions and inefficiences. Together, introduce a working process that is suited to you.



    Introduce the perfect pairing of people and technology. Automate the majority of your creative production and continually review and implement efficiencies.

What do we automate?

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Variable Content
Media Optimising
Endpoint Delivery
Workflow Process

What media can we automate for you?

Print media






Online Media


Rich Media

Video Banners



Direct Marketing



Direct Mail



Retail Stores


Digital Screens


Price Tickets

Table Signs

OOH Media

Traditional OOH

Digital OOH

Street Posters



Business Collateral

Internal Comms


Printed Items


What does automated production mean for your business?

  • Centrally managed production
  • Fewer approvals
  • No more bottlenecks and roadblocks
  • Brand consistency
  • Unmatchable speed to market
  • Complete visibility of campaigns
  • More time for creative and strategy focus
  • Significant cost savings